Congregation Communicators

Who is it in your congregation who communicates to the congregation? Who puts together the newsletter or the bulletin? Who teaches Bible studies? Who gives announcements during church? Who sends out emails to the congregation? Who posts on the church Facebook page? Who talks to others in church? Who talks to others in their every day lives?

We are all communicators!

All communicators are invited to join a group on Facebook for NIS Congregational Communicators. This is an informal and participatory group of newsletter editors, bulletin producers, administrative assistants, secretaries, pastors, or any folks who communicate in their congregation. It’s a place for the sharing of synod and churchwide news as well as a great forum for sharing information and asking questions! Please take a look and consider joining to help better the communication in your congregation!

Ideally, we’d like every NIS congregation to be represented! Come share and learn!