Drainage Pipe Failure Drains Slough and Floods Augustana Campus

Crews are cleaning up at Augustana College after a very old city pipe beneath the slough failed on Saturday, June 3, and water from the slough flooded lower parts of the campus. The water caused damage at Bergendoff, Centennial Hall, and other buildings

The slough path and parking lots surrounding Carver and Evald are closed until further notice. Augustana Senior Communication Director Sam Schlouch advised, “Please do not drive or walk around barricades or fencing. Please also do not attempt to walk into the slough, as the mud is extremely deep and treacherous.”

How will the flooding affect Synod Assembly?

Centennial Hall and Bergendoff Hall were impacted by the flooding, but cleaning is underway. Those buildings will be fully online before we begin to set-up for the Assembly. The other buildings being used for forums (Denkmann, Evald, Old Main, Brunner, etc.) were unaffected by the flooding. There will be no parking near the Carver PE Center – the damage was significant and will take time to repair. The Slough and the Slough Path will be closed for the foreseeable future and will be entirely off-limits. The youth from the Youth Assembly will have to walk around Westerlin and through the Gerber Center to gain access to lower campus.

Getting to and from Centennial Hall and the Gerber Center (Friday evening meal and Saturday morning breakfast)

The Gerber Center entrance closest to lower campus (the entrance with all the steps) will not be usable. The only entrance available will be the entrance off 34th street via 9th avenue (as a landmark, the Synod’s former Rock Island office, Lutheran House, is at the corner of 7th Avenue and 34th Street).

When traveling from Centennial Hall to Gerber and back, only the school buses should be used if transportation is needed. People walking will need to get to the back entrance of Gerber, via 34th Street.

We apologize, but the golf carts cannot take participants to that back entrance to the Gerber Center (they cannot drive on the street and the sidewalks along 34th Street are not smooth enough).

Anyone who cannot take the bus due to mobility limitations will need to be driven via a personal automobile to the Gerber Center. We ask that only people with such mobility limitations drive cars because of the limited parking in Parking Lot J, off 34th Street.

From Swanson Commons housing, it will probably be best to drive to Centennial Hall and park there, if participants aren’t able to walk the up and downs of the Augustana campus.

For Saturday breakfast, those staying in Swanson Commons should drive to Centennial Hall, park there, and take the school bus from there to Gerber, because of the problem with the entrance. If a participant wants to walk from Swanson, they will need to go the long way around – via the alley by the Lutheran House and then up 34th street.