Music and worship leadership for this year’s assembly is provided by the Glocal Musician-Educators of the ELCA.

The musicians were formed by the Mission Formation Team in ELCA Global Mission to provide musical leadership for the Glocal Mission Gatherings hosted by congregations and other Christian communities throughout North America and the Caribbean.

Through its intentional diversity—including representation from many countries, denominations, and several cultures—the group embodies ways to stand in mutual solidarity while amplifying marginalized voices.
In addition to offering worship that includes global voices, the musicians are committed to forming local leaders seeking to introduce global themes in their communities.

The songs they teach are grounded in the community stories that raise awareness and inspire advocacy.

The musicians embody what it means to be Glocal—simultaneously global and local—so we can accompany one another across cultures, even in our own neighborhoods.

Watch the video below to see what another synod thought of the Glocal Musician-Educators!