Bishop Transition Team News

Bishop Election Process and Procedures Forms

The 2016 NIS Assembly will be tasked with the responsibility of electing a new synod bishop. The election process begins with an “ecclesiastical” ballot, continues through opportunities for nominee speeches and questions, all the way to the final ballot.

Election Process and Procedures Forms

  Biographical Information Form

  • Ordained Ministers nominated for the Nominating Ballot and desire their name to be retained on subsequent Ballots must complete this form .
  • Part 1 of this form will be distributed to all voting members prior to the Second Ballot.
  • Both parts of this form must be submitted by the announced deadlines. Part 1 is due no later than 11:45am, Friday, June 17. Part 2 is due no later than 1:45pm, Friday, June 17.

   Request for Withdrawal Form 

  • Ordained Ministers nominated on the First Ballot may withdraw their names from subsequent ballots prior to the casting of the Second Ballot.
  • This form must be secured, completed and returned by 11:45 am, Friday, June 17.

   First Ballot for Bishop Form

  • This is an ecclesiastical ballot.
  • A nominee’s name must be written on the First Ballot in order for that person to be nominated.
  • Any ordained minister in the ELCA is eligible for nomination of Bishop.
  • If no election occurs, the First Ballot is the Nominating Ballot.
  • All subsequent balloting will use scan cards to be tabulated electronically.

Report of the First Ballot Results

  • On the First and all subsequent Ballots, the order of listing of the nominees with vote totals shall be from greatest number of votes received to the least.
  • All Reports of Ballot Results must contain the number of votes cast, the number of illegal votes cast, the number of legal votes cast, and number of votes needed for election on this ballot.
  • Following the Report of the Second Ballot, Part 2 of the Biographical Information
  • Form for the seven nominees shall be distributed to all voting members.
  • The results of all Reports of Ballots for Synodical Bishop shall be provided to all Voting Members orally, via paper, and projected via the Assembly Screens as able.

 Authorization and Release for Background Checks and Screening & Disclosure Form for Nominees 

  • Following the Report of the Second Ballot, the seven nominees (plus ties) shall complete these two forms and return them to the Vice-President or designee at the Elections Table in Centennial Hall Lobby no later than 5:15pm, Friday, June 17.
  • Failure to submit these would be cause for removal from the Third Ballot and no longer be eligible to participate in the nominee speeches.