The Outreach Committee informs, educates, and assists congregations of the Synod in regards to New and Redeveloping Congregations, Evangelism, Ecumenism, and Natural Church Development.


Staff Liaison: Pastor Gary Erickson, Assistant to the Bishop

Our Mission/Purpose is to: Inform, educate, and assist congregations of the Synod in regards to New and Redeveloping Congregations, Evangelism, Ecumenism, and Natural Church Development

Our Current Goals are:

  1. New and Redeveloping Congregations – The committee would like to see one new ministry each year and one new congregation every other year. The committee has established a revolving land purchase fund. Ways are being investigated to establish different kinds of ministries to Hispanic, African American, and Asian populations. A newly created Hispanic-Latino Ministry task force has been created and is working to further develop a strategy and carry forward the work of a Hispanic-Latino Ministry across the Synod based on the theological mode of Accompaniment. Congregations in population transition – rural and urban – are priority for limited support for new visions of mission. A team works to educate synod congregations in the spiritual and financial needs of mission congregations in our synod, seeking to create mutual partnerships between existing congregations and new congregations.
  2. Evangelism Resources for Congregations – Resources for congregations focusing on Lay Evangelist, Mid-Sized Ministry Project, and Bring a Friend evangelism.
  3. Ecumenism – Make congregations aware of and assist in participation with ecumenical happenings, such as Week of Prayer.
  4. Natural Church Development – Working with pastors and other rostered and lay leaders that have been trained as coaches, congregations are invited to participate in Natural Church Development. A congregation survey serves to illuminate the congregation’s health in light of eight characteristics of healthy churches. Congregation then focuses efforts in a particular growth area using their strengths as discovered in the survey.

Members will be Expected to: Attend all committee meetings.

Time Requirements of this Ministry are: At present the Outreach Committee meets four times a year on Saturdays. Meeting months may vary but tend to be in January, April, September and November.

Our Commitments to Members During this Period are: (i.e. prayers, continuing education, training, accountability, etc.) Workshops and training events – regional and national. At our meetings we all work together to assist subcommittees, synodical staff related to Outreach, and each other.

Members Should Know these Additional Things about this Committee: The people on the committee feel a strong interest and enthusiasm for mission and outreach of the Church.