Continuing Education Opportunity for Pastors and Professional Leaders

Continuing Education Opportunity for Pastors and Professional Leaders

Let’s Talk About Sex and the Church What People Are Saying…

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Salem Lutheran Church
1700 W. War Memorial Drive
Peoria, IL 61614

Cost: $25 (includes lunch) 9am – 3pm: Presentation

  • Preparing to talk about sex: forming judgments, recognizing culture around us, spirituality/sexuality, going deeper, learning how to define, and making connections
  • The Story of Gender: Learning about gender identity, orientation
  • The Body: Trauma, grief and loss, Jesus’ ministry.
  • Moving forward: Strategies for incorporating these new learnings into our ministry.

Registration is open from September 20-November 22, 2017 at:

Presentation led by Kara Haug, creator of Grace Unbound. Kara has her BA in Psychology from Hope College in Holland, MI, a Masters in Theological Studies from Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, CA, as well as a Post-Grad Certificate in Sexual Health Education and Counseling from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Kara has always asked the big questions; looking for connections to our world and the way people interact in this world together. Through her experiences in human services, working with youth and the ministry, she has seen the way sexuality and our relationships with God (or lack thereof) affects us to our cores. This began her fascination with the topics of sexuality & theology.

Kara lives in Sacramento, California with her pastor husband and her two young children.

Learn more about Kara’s ministry at

“Kara is energetic, engaging and incredibly informative. She brought humor and life into a sometimes difficult and uncomfortable topic. We appreciated her perspective and learned so much from her advice, stories and antidotes. She is a truly wonderful speaker!” – Kate David, PreK Board Pres. & Author

“Kara facilitated a discussion at the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary Womens’ Sabbath Circle. She created a space in which we could be curious together- about our own lives and stories, about the future of the church and the world, and about the ways that God is calling us to bring our whole selves into work as pastors. Kara listened in a way that left lots of space for us to be open, but was not shy about bringing her own training and know-how into our discussions.” – Erika Spaet, Seminarian

“Kara’s information is spot-on with what we, adults who work with teenagers, need to know about addressing sexuality and gender identity. Kara’s perspective is fresh and creative, all while being grounded in research and study. She makes us want to learn more and more!” – Deaconess Kristen Baltrum, Director of Faith Formation

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