Download the CRE App for the Congregational Resourcing Event!

The CRE app will be the most up-to-date source for workshops, sessions, and rooms at this year’s Congregational Resourcing Event, March 10 at Kishwaukee College.

There are several ways to get the app:

NOTE: You will not find the CRE app in the regular Guidebook app. You need to download the ELCA Organizations & Events app using one of the links above.

The app opens to the main schedule of the day. Clicking the menu icon in the top left corner gives you options to see workshops by session or by subject matter. You can also see all the speakers and link to their workshops. Further down in the menu are maps, a list of displays, FAQs, General Info, Contacts, Inbox, and a place to take notes. There’s also a “Connect” folder which lists attendees (other people who have checked into the app) and a messaging service between attendees. There are also links to the NIS Facebook page and Twitter feed as well as a photo album where you can upload your photos from the event as well as see photos from other attendees.

When looking at the schedule or lists of workshops, if you select the plus sign in a circle on the right, that event or workshop will be added to your “My Schedule” which can help you narrow down workshops you’re interested in attending.

When you open a particular workshop, above the description of the workshop, you’ll see a map icon and the room name. If you click on that, it will open a map of the campus with a red map icon marking the room you’re looking for. You can use two fingers on your screen to zoom the map in and out.

When you check in at CRE, you will receive a map and schedule for the day, but the CRE app will always have the most up-to-date information.