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Allison Westerhoff is an ELCA missionary living in South Africa. In the midst of the Lenten season, Allison reflects on what this time means to her as she is across the globe serving. “Today I was reminded that I am dust, but in 40 days I will be reminded that I am a Child of God, saved through grace, and given new life through Jesus’ resurrection. Let us look at the next forty days as a way to remember that we are both insignificant, and completely irreplaceable in the body of Christ.”

International Women’s Day
On March 8, our church celebrated International Women’s Day with prayers, sharing and giving. In particular, we lifted up the ELCA’s International Women Leaders initiative as a way to honor this day. Thanks to Always Being Made New: The Campaign for the ELCA, we have the opportunity to provide an additional 200 women from ELCA global companion churches with scholarships and educational opportunities. Through the end of March, we have matching funds, up to $100,000. The ELCA is boldly investing in the education and future of women, and we would love for you to join us! To have your gift matched dollar for dollar, click here!

Women united
What happens when a group of Lutheran women come together in the Central African Republic? Susan Smith is serving as a missionary in the Central African Republic, and in her most recent blog she shares a story of a local church meeting that brought together women from 10 Lutheran congregations. The gathering was not only a time for celebration, dancing, and singing, it was also a way to organize together to raise money for a project that will help to benefit everyone. Click here to learn about the ways in which they celebrated and raised funds.

Brynn Wiessner, a Young Adult in Global Mission, is serving in Madagascar. There, she’s been touched by numerous encounters that have left her grateful, awe-struck and reflective. Furthermore, this year has helped her realize the ways in which her definition of “generosity”’ has grown and deepened. In her recent blog post, Brynn tells stories of generosity. From these moments, she’s learned the true meaning of giving and service.

Photo diary
Recently a group of ELCA donors traveled to Cambodia to see the work that the ELCA helps support, including the Lutheran Church in Cambodia, Life With Dignity, the Young Adults in Global Mission program that places volunteers with these organizations, and some long-term missionaries. We are sharing images from this trip. Follow the journey and stay up to date on these photo diaries on our Facebook page, Twitter feed, and new Instagram page!

New church in South Sudan
As part of ongoing work to bring peace and reconciliation in South Sudan, the ELCA and local partners broke ground on a new Lutheran center and clinic in the nation’s capital, Juba, at the end of last year. The Lutheran center and clinic, which serves as the launching point for the Evangelical Lutheran Church Africa Mission in South Sudan, will be a place of worship, learning, health care and healing for people of many ethnic and religious backgrounds. Support this project here. The March issue of The Lutheran magazine also has an article about this important work.

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