ELCA World Hunger Appeal from the NIS World Hunger Subcommittee

As you prepare your congregation prepares for 2018, the NIS World Hunger Subcommittee asks that each congregation consider adding a monthly line item to your budget for the ELCA World Hunger Appeal. Assuring that every person on this earth has simple food security remains central to the way in which we live out the gospel. Standing together as congregations to combat hunger makes a powerful statement to our society.

The NIS World Hunger Subcommittee has set a goal that 100% of the congregations of our synod contribute to the ELCA World Hunger Appeal. Did you know that if each congregation were to commit just $50 per month that would amount to nearly $90,000 annually? Of course, there are many congregations that could do more than $50 per month. Add this amount to those activities that we already do to support the World Hunger Appeal and we can make a significant difference by standing together.

Please remember that submitting contributions via the synod offers the best way to track the gifts of your congregation. Also remember that when submitting contributions via the synod, 100% of funds designated to the World Hunger Appeal will be passed on.