ELCA Youth Gathering News – November 2017

November 1, 2017

NIS youth leaders,

I have several items for your consideration. The first is registration, the second is busing and the third is t-shirt contest for the Synod day.

1) I received from the Gathering office a list of churches that had registered and had not registered. As of now, over 10,000 youth and adults have registered for the Gathering in Houston. The Gathering office has asked me to find out why churches that went to Detroit are not signed up for Houston. They would like to why the “change?” Here are the questions, and if you would, I’d appreciate that you reply to me. Please, tell me your congregation name and ELCA number so I can complete their report. I have received notice that Northern Illinois has 29 congregations registered. We had 65 for Detroit, soooooo? If you are registering with another congregation, please give me the name and number of the “lead” congregation AND the name and number of the congregation who are going along.

Why haven’t you registered for the Gathering?

  • Planning on it, just haven’t done it yet.
  • Leaders/parents decided not to go.
  • Lack of interest among youth.
  • We don’t think it will be a good experience.
  • Registered with another congregation

Planning on it –

  • How many people do you plan to register?
  • When do you expect to finish your registration?
  • How would you like us to follow up with you to remind you?
    • · Phone
    • · Email

2) I am still organizing buses for the travel to the Gathering and I need some general information from some of you so that the company and I can make the plans.

  • Congregation Leader
  • Town Youth Adults
  • ELCA congregational number

If you are not going to need the buses, please let me know that you are securing your own transportation.

Thank you for taking the time to answer all these questions for me. The Gathering office is concerned about the count and really wants your input. If you are worried about traveling around Houston, refer to my last notification to you. They are making arrangements for buses to travel downtown and back to carry everyone to the center of the city. The buses we hire will be part of that plan as they will subcontract to the Gathering.

3) We will be having a day when the Synod will gather together for Bible study and worship. On that day, we would like to continue our t-shirt plan for the synod day. Like the Detroit trip, we want to invite you and your young artists to design a t-shirt for all of us to wear on that Synod day. For this, please invite your youth and/or adults to design and to send the design to me at 2140 A Grand Detour Rd., Dixon, 61021. We want the designs in by January 10, 2018. The winner will receive 5 free t-shirts for their group. The last time, each artist received a shirt just for entering. We were able to keep the price to $10.00. A single color on a single side would keep the price down, but we are interested in is seeing your ideas. With the design please include the following information:

  • Artist
  • Church/Town
  • Adult leader Leader’s Phone

Sorry that this has been such a long, newsy letter. I hope you are planning on going to the Gathering. If you have been even one time, you will know how special and rewarding it can be. Thank you for taking the time to respond. And thank you for all that you do for the youth of the ELCA and your church.

One last thing:

Each triennial year, the Gathering staff develops a program to help you and me prepare us and our youth for the event.  If you go to the Gathering webpage, go to the Resources’ part.  On that section, go from the “general” tab to the “Getting Ready” tab.  In that area you will find the full curriculum for you to use.  You can print off any part(s) that you wish to use.

I still have a few handbooks.  This book is full of ideas for fund raising, traveling, covenanting, and many other things.  Let me know if you want one by sending me your street address.  I will mail them to you ASAP.

Peg Miller
Northern Illinois Synod Gathering Coordinator