…for the people of Nepal and those affected by the deadly earthquake

Sections of the city’s historic center lie in rubble. News reports indicate that more than 3,500 people have died and thousands are injured in the valley surrounding Kathmandu. The death toll is expected to rise as people are believed to be trapped under rubble. Deaths have been reported in neighboring India, Tibet and Bangladesh. The tremor also set off a deadly avalanche on Mount Everest.

Our Response:
Lutheran Disaster Response is committed to walking with our brothers and sisters in Nepal, as rescue efforts and assessments continue. The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) has launched an immediate large-scale emergency response with its emergency team in Kathmandu at the LWF offices, which have escaped the worst impact of the quake. The ELCA is the only U.S. member church of the LWF. We are also working with Lutheran World Relief and church partners from ACT Alliance to coordinate the response, which includes the distribution of immediate life-saving supplies such as water, food, shelter and medication to people injured.

What Can You Do?

Pray for people affected by the earthquake and its aftershocks, especially as they grieve the loss of loved ones and property. Pray for the LWF and Lutheran World Relief emergency teams on the ground, who are standing with people and communities affected.

Your gifts designated for the “Nepal Area Earthquake” will be used in full (100 percent) to assist those directly impacted. Gifts from people like you allow us to continue our response.

To learn more about the situation and the ELCA’s response:

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– See more at: http://elca.org/Our-Work/Relief-and-Development/Lutheran-Disaster-Response/Our-Impact/Nepal-Earthquake#sthash.WnoaGFCl.dpuf