Important Gathering News from Peg – March 15 is a big deadline!

March 11, 2018

Hi all,

I hope you didn’t get messed with this silly daylight “saving” time. Doesn’t save anything!! It is a foolish old practice that should go away! Okay, done with rant and on to pleasant things!!

In exactly 107 days the ELCA Youth Gathering will begin in Houston!! I hope you and your youth are getting excited!! Following is a list of deadlines and information. I was able to see a number of you at the CRE, but to those who were unable to go or to have someone pick up the packet and gift, you’ll be able to get them at Synod Assembly in June.

March 15!!!!!

Housing will go on your account page on the Gathering website. Do not contact your hotel before that date. Be prepared to have your rooming lists ready to fill out. You can make your arrangements directly with the hotel after that date. It is your responsibility to take care of hotel rooms. [We are going to set up a special page so rooms can be shared by churches. For instance, if you have 3 boys and another church has only 1, we hope to be able to facilitate sharing the rooms. It is convenient, since we are in the same hotels. This can apply to adults also. Gathering staff hope that we can all save some $$$$ by doing this. Contact me with questions, please.]

Make sure that you have selected “yes, I want to use Gathering transportation during the Gathering. Being on your own can be pretty tricky in Houston. The choice is yours, but this is the last day to make that choice.

Check the sizes and numbers of the Service Day t-shirts. I noted on the orders that some sizes and quantities are different. You may order after the 15th BUT they will not be shipped to you before the Gathering. You’ll have to pick them up at Old Lutheran in Houston.


I NEED your orders for the Synod Day t-shirts. I have sizes from the Gathering information that I get, but if you have had ANY changes . . . The cost is $15.00 per shirt and I need that to place the order. Please get that information, your address, and $$ to me as soon as possible. {Peg Miller, 2140 A Grand Detour Rd., Dixon, 61021}

Those riding synod buses the payment is due by the “magic tax day” – April 15!! If any of you in the synod have a change in your transportation plans, please, know that we have room on the buses.

All of this information and more was covered at CRE. But whether you were there or not, feel free to ask questions. Being an old (re)tired teacher – there is no such thing as a dumb question. I will respond as soon as possible.

Another little message, the Gathering will be accepting hair donations (must be at least 8 inches long) and blood donations. Both need parental permission for those under 18. There are forms available on the Gathering website in the resources section.

As we prepare for the Easter feast and the gathering, let us remember this –

“For by Grace you have been saved through Faith and this is not your own doing: it is the gist of God”

Ephesians 2:8



March 13, 2018

Hi Houston adventurers,

Today, I recieved information about the Super Shuttle from the Gathering staff.  This shuttle is available from both airports.  So, if you are flying, here is the information.  You will also be able to use the code in the information to obtain a discount.  Please read carefully.  We used Super Shuttle when we were in Houston in January and found the service very good.

Peace, Peg


2140 A Grand Detour Rd.

Dixon, IL 61021

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