Growing as Disciples and Stewards Launched at Synod Assembly

Is your congregation looking for a stewardship response program for this fall? If you are, Pastor Kurt Nordby has written a new stewardship resource titled, “Growing as Disciples and Stewards.” Program information is being handed out to voting members at the annual Synod Assembly in Rock Island.

“Growing as Disciples and Stewards” is being made available to all Northern Illinois congregations and can be accessed online through the Northern Illinois website at Access information is on an information flyer in assembly packets. Ask your congregation’s assembly voting members to share the information with your congregation.

“Growing as Disciples and Stewards” is a 7-week program which focuses on 6 faith/discipleship practices and their relationship to stewardship. The program culminates with a celebration of gifts Sunday following the emphasis on the discipleship practice of giving.

Suggestions are also offered as to how the program can be made into a year-round emphasis on growing discipleship and stewardship in your congregation.

Please check this program out, and if you have any questions, contact Pastor Nordby at 309-794-4004 or