Human Rights Social Statement open for feedback until August 31

We want to hear from you! The draft of a social message on human rights is now available for feedback at

Social messages provide a framework for conversation and guidance for ministries in the church about pressing matters of social concern. Human rights touch many aspects of church and society – the social message draft endeavors to help us think through a Lutheran understanding of what human rights are, how we can use them to best care for our neighbor, and where our church stands on relevant issues.

We invite you to share your feedback with the staff and consulting group finalizing the social message, drawing on your perspective and context. There are two ways to respond: You can fill out the online response form or email comments to Eva.Johnson@elca.orgPlease send all comments by Aug. 31.

At the end of the comment period, the draft will be revised and finalized as a proposed message, which will be reviewed by members of the Conference of Bishops and will come before the Church Council for consideration at its November meeting.

We hope that you will take part in this process and share this information with anyone who may be interested in participating in the discernment across our church that leads to the final message.

The Rev. Roger Willer
Staff for the human rights message project