Important Dates for the 2018 Youth Gathering

Houston, We Have a Gathering
We Have Some Important Dates

GATHERING: 6-27-18 through 7-1-18

June 2017

training at Synod Assembly 6-17-17

August 2017

pre-registration information will be on-line

September 15, 2017

early bird registration opens

cost $ 350 early bird cost

$ 150 non-refundable deposit

November 16, 2017

regular registration

$ 390 (still $150 non-refundable deposit)

January 16, 2018

late registration

$ 440 (still $150 non-refundable deposit)

May 2018

registration closes

all payments due May 15, 2018


June 24 – 27

MYLE at the University of Houston

The tABLE Crown Plaza

cost $190

Although this talks about youth the info is the same for adults.


Youth volunteers are one full year out of high school. Duties will be mainly helping and directing on the service days. They may used in other capacities as needed. They will be asked to be in Houston before the opening date, but they may return home with their congregations. More information for volunteers.

May 15 volunteer applications open (Dates are the same for adults.)

July 15 volunteer applications close

Financial Aid Applications

July 17 financial aid applications open Also for adults. Your basic needs are covered (but not fully) by Gathering. Transportation is yours, but you can come home on our buses.

Apply ASAP – limited funds and many applications