Luther Seminary KAIROS Continuing Education Courses

Luther Seminary’s KAIROS continuing education courses offer a wealth of learning opportunities designed for clergy and church leaders of all denominations. Learn more and register at

Worship Forming Community— Prayer and Music Leadership
September 10-October 15
A set of hands-on training labs focused on building skills and developing a greater sensitivity for worship and music leadership. The aim is to help worship leaders in imagining and leading transformative worship experiences.

Working Preacher Presents: The Craft of Preaching
October 1-3
How long has it been since you actually listened to sermons instead of delivering them over and over? You may need to slow down or pause to refine your preaching.

Emotional Intelligence
October 4
This workshop will cover some of the basic strategies and skills of emotional intelligence.

Soul Shop™ — Ministering to those impacted by suicidal depression, focusing on youth 
October 12
Soul Shop™ is a one-day training to equip adults working with youth. In this course, you will gain a better understanding of the truth about suicide and people who experience suicidal thinking.

Teaching Healthy Boundaries
October 22-23
This course focuses on “prevention” and will equip trainers to teach Healthy Boundaries 101 Fundamentals and 201 Beyond Basics.

Helping the Sermon and Worship Last All Week Long
November 5
Participants will explore how the four key faith practices of caring conversations, devotions, service, rituals and traditions can help bring the proclaimed word home as part of daily faith practices.

Milestones Ministry
November 6
Milestones ministry takes congregational and daily life experiences like baptism, graduation, marriage, retirement, as well as receiving a Bible, beginning confirmation, starting a first job, or becoming a parent or grandparent, and countless other occasions in life to nurture the Christian faith and reach out to others with the love of God in Christ.

Shepherd of Souls 
November 7
Participants will explore what it means to be a shepherd of souls and how to promote the shepherd of souls ministry in the congregation. This ministry and way of life represent the deeply meaningful, personal, and communal life of befriending brothers and sisters in the faith.

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)
November 8-9
Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) is for everyone 16 or older—regardless of prior experience—who wants to be able to provide suicide first aid.

School for Lay Ministry
November 26-28
Luther Seminary’s School for Lay Ministry is open to all people interested in training to more fully serve in a variety of ministry roles in their congregations. November’s class will spend time learning with Luther Seminary faculty Karoline Lewis, Amy Marga, Sarah Henrich and Mark Granquist.