Stories and Photos from India Trip

See photos from all the India trip participants in this album.

Post times below are in CST. India is 12.5 hours ahead.

Bishop Jeff Clements

February 18 at 3pm

We thank you, gracious God, for protecting your servants while traveling in India and bringing us home safely. We are grateful for the opportunity to learn from our brothers and sisters there. We ask that you help us find effective ways for us to tell stories we have heard and open the hearts of those who will hear. In Jesus’ name.

It is 1:00 a.m. Sunday and we’re in Abu Dhabi! Our flight will leave at 3:20 a.m. We should be arriving at O’Hare about the time you’re headed to church! Here’s what we looked like at the Taj Mahal.

Bishop Jeff Clements is in Agra, Uttar Pradesh.

February 16 at 11pm

When I was a kid there was no place that seemed more exotic or far away than India. I could only imagine standing in front of the Taj Mahal. Today is a sightseeing day before we fly out tonight, first from Delhi to Abu Dhabi and then on to Chicago. Your continued prayers are appreciated.


Bishop Jeff Clements

February 16 at 11am

After a quick goodbye to our Arcot friends and those who are not extending their stay, we made a mad dash through the Chennai airport and flew to Delhi. After lunch we drove 4 hours north to Agra. Can you see the sun in this picture? I took it near sunset on the Yamuna Expressway. It is down near the horizon (just above the trees), but barely visible due to the smog.

Bishop Jeff Clements
February 15 at 11am

It was hard to say goodbye.

Bishop Jeff Clements 
February 14 at 6:30pm

Yesterday we blessed the resource centers made possible by the Polly Wollersheim Fund. Today, we say goodbye to our Arcot friends and start to make our way home. But first, the Taj Mahal!

Bishop Jeff Clements

February 13 at 8:00pm

Could there be a better way to start this day than with these faces? A blessed Ash Wednesday to all.

Bishop Jeff Clements

I had anticipated being able to post some pictures each day while in India, but I have taken very few pictures. I have been kept busy and haven’t had a chance. For today, I simply renew my request for your prayers for me, all of our travelers (2 were sick yesterday and 2 more were sick today) and for our amazing hosts. My heart is full and I am not at all sure that I’ll be able to adequately describe what this trip has meant to me. For now, good morning to you and good night from me.

Bishop Jeff Clements 
February 11 at 12:14am

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Bishop Jeff Clements

February 9  9:00pm

It is a beautiful morning here as we prepare to embark on another full day here in southern India. Yesterday’s visits to two schools will no doubt be two of the great highlights of this trip. In both locations students presented programs and we presented some of the gifts that you generously provided. Most of the group is currently in devotions together. I needed a bit of quiet time to prayer in preparation for the day (and to post this). What is God calling me to do today? What is God calling you to do…besides shovel snow? Continue to pray for our group of travelers. Blessings!

From Bishop Jeff Clements 

February 7 8:00pm

Good morning from Chennai!

Photo: A pic to make me look old!

John & Esther Prabhakar

From Esther Prabhakar

February 7 6pm
Grace and peace from India. NI team arrived safely in Chennai, India. John and I joined the ALC team, welcomed them at the airport, and sent some photos.
This is the first glimpse of the NI Team as they exited the airport! They were so happy to see us and so were they!
Bishop Socrates and other leaders welcomed them at the airport
After some sight seeing they came to Shiloh church ( our family church) My nephews Paul and John Edward explained the ministry that they do among the tribal people and the down trodden.
My niece Susan and friends cooked up a wonderful dinner for them of soup, Noodles, fried rice, BBQ chicken, Coke, pudding  etc etc.
Here are some of the others

From Bishop Jeff Clements 

February 7 12:00 pm

What a joy to be met at the airport in Chennai by our friends from Arcot Lutheran Church. We saw them again later this afternoon too. The weather, you ask? It was about 90 degrees and humid when we came to Chennai. Remember, it’s winter here too! It’s late and I’m headed to bed as we have an early start tomorrow. However, I want you to know how proud I am of the four young people who are traveling with us. Really proud.

Photo: St. Thomas Mount

From Bishop Jeff Clements

February 6 at 11:17am

We’ve made it to India and we’re spending the night in Delhi. I’m pooped.

From Bishop Jeff Clements

February 6 at 2:35am

In case you’re wondering…Abu Dhabi, UAE is a 12 and a half hour flight from O’Hare. Now, on to Delhi!

February 4 at 1:33pm

Tomorrow morning 17 of us from the synod will meet at O’Hare to begin our journey to India. (Three of our group are already there.) This morning, travelers were prayed for in their home congregations. I received a blessing at First Lutheran Church in DeKalb. Pastor Janet Hunt invited the children to join her in the blessing. They placed their hands on me, each one straining to make sure their whole hand landed somewhere on my sweater. As the pastor prayed, these hands were in constant wiggly motion, attached as they were to these young bundles of energy. I was reminded that the Holy Spirit is in constant wiggly motion in our lives. My thanks to these children and their pastor!