PLC 2018 Presenters

Benjamin M. Stewart joined LSTC’s faculty in 2009. He is especially interested in how the embodied act of worship shapes theology and the Christian life. His dissertation examined baptismal practices at the Easter Vigil for their potential contribution to eco-theology.

Stewart has published articles in Worship, Liturgy, and Liturgical Ministry. He is a co-author of Worship Guidebook for Lent and The Three Days.  Stewart is a member of the North American Academy of Liturgy and contributes to its Liturgy and Ecology Seminar.

Stewart has served as pastor to a small, Appalachian community in Ohio, and as village pastor to Holden Village, a retreat center in the Glacier Peak Wilderness of Washington. He is part of Living Liturgy, a team of five worship leaders who lead events across the country on revitalizing congregational worship.

In this era we especially turn again to the first spring given to us earthly creatures: the fruitful earth itself, overflowing with God’s goodness. In the work of reformation we help one another to rediscover this spring, to drink from it deeply, and to join the ongoing work of clearing out the pollution and obstructions so God’s life-giving waters flow freely for all.

-from Stream, flood and spring, an article by Benjamin Stewart in Living Lutheran

Richard Bruxvoort Colligan desires adventurous and imaginative music for the church. As a full-time composer and musician, he serves across denominations teaching about music and spiritual formation. Known for hymn forms, simple chant and pop-rock arrangements, he has several albums of original worship music. Richard is currently immersed in a long-term study of the Psalms. He is the owner of, and his songs have been published by the ELCA, UMC, UCC and PCUSA.

Location: PO Box 190 Strawberry Point, IA 52076

Greetings from small-town Iowa. I’m a full-time freelance musician with a thing for the Psalms. Faves: The Beatles, blue, bosc pears, Star Wars, laughter, naps. I love what happens when a circle of people share a song together– beauty, community, the possibility of resilience and change.


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