Portico Annual Enrollment

During Annual Enrollment each year, Portico asks you to consider your ELCA benefits and what you’ll need to live well in the coming year. Because we don’t want anyone to miss important opportunities, we require every sponsored plan member to review and elect 2018 benefits.

Get Ready: Sept. 11 – Oct. 29

Use this time to take stock of what you have this year, and consider your benefit options for next year using the information at myportico.porticobenefits.org. Please take time to look at each section, because you’ll find details specific to your situation. We encourage you to talk with others, such as a spouse or ESGP and your sponsoring employer, to guide your decisions.

Make Your Selections: Oct. 30 – Nov. 13

Come back to enter your selections online beginning Oct. 30. Member Selection ends Nov. 13.


WarningImportant: Upcoming Change of Call or Employment?
If you anticipate any change in employment status between now and Jan. 31, 2018 — such as retirement, or a new call or position — please contact us immediately at 800.352.2876, because the change may affect your benefits for 2018.

Benefits to Help You Live Well for Life

As an ELCA ministry, Portico offers health, flexible spending, retirement, disability, and survivor plans to help rostered leaders and lay employees strengthen their well-being. By living well as whole people of God, we believe we can better enhance the lives of others.