NIS Prayer Requests

NIS candidates for rostered ministry

Please pray for our almost 100 ELCA missionaries and Young Adults in Global Mission. Please remember them in your daily prayers.  For a free packet with a photo and daily prayer sign-up to post on a bulletin board, along with a short article suitable for a newsletter or temple talk, call 800-638-3522 or contact

Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, NIS Bishop Jeffrey Clements,
Bishop-emeritus Gary Wollersheim, and their staffs and families.

Congregations going through vacancies and rostered leaders in transition. 

Those not named here who are hospitalized or otherwise need our prayers.

Send prayer requests to


  1. ELCA_Synodical_Relations3C South Dakota Synod
  2. 3D Northwestern Minnesota Synod
  3. 3E NE Minnesota Synod
  4. 3F Southwestern Minnesota Synod
  5. 3G Minneapolis Area Synod
  6. 3H Saint Paul Area Synod
  7. 3I Southeastern Minnesota Synod
  8. 4A Nebraska Synod
  9. 4B Central States Synod
  10. 4C Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod
  11. 4D Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana Synod
  12. 4E Southwestern Texas Synod
  13. 4F Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod
  14. 5A Metropolitan Chicago Synod
  15. 5B Northern Illinois Synod
  16. 5C Central/Southern Illinois Synod
  17. 5D Southeastern Iowa Synod
  18. 5E Western Iowa Synod
  19. 5F Northeastern Iowa Synod
  20. 5G Northern Great Lakes Synod
  21. 5H Northwest Synod of Wisconsin
  22. 5I East-Central Synod of Wisconsin
  23. 5J Greater Milwaukee Synod
  24. 5K South-Central Synod of Wisconsin
  25. 5L La Crosse Area Synod
  26. 6A Southeast Michigan Synod
  27. 6B North/West Lower Michigan Synod
  28. 6C Indiana-Kentucky Synod
  29. 6D Northwestern Ohio Synod
  30. 6E Northeastern Ohio Synod


  1. 6F Southern Ohio Synod
  2. 7A New Jersey Synod
  3. 7B New England Synod
  4. 7C Metro New York Synod
  5. 7D Upstate New York Synod
  6. 7E NE Pennsylvania Synod
  7. 7F Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod
  8. 7G Slovak Zion Synod
  9. 8A Northwestern Pennsylvania Synod
  10. 8B Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod
  11. 8C Allegheny Synod
  12. 8D Lower Susquehanna Synod
  13. 8E Upper Susquehanna Synod
  14. 8F Delaware-Maryland Synod
  15. 8G Metropolitan Washington, DC Synod
  16. 8H West Virginia-Western Maryland Synod
  17. 9A Virginia Synod
  18. 9B North Carolina Synod
  19. 9C South Carolina Synod
  20. 9D Southeastern Synod
  21. 9E Florida-Bahamas Synod
  22. 9F Caribbean Synod
  23. ELCA Presiding Bishop, The Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton
  24. ELCA Secretary, The Rev. Wm Chris Boerger
  25. ELCA Vice-President, William B. Horne II
  26. ELCA Treasurer, Lori Fedyk
  27. Messiah Lutheran Church, Aledo
  28. Light of Christ Lutheran Church, Algonquin
  29. Immanuel Lutheran Church, Amboy
  30. Augustana Lutheran Church, Andover
  31. St. John Lutheran Church, Ashton