Resourceful Servants kicks off second year

Rostered ministers have until October 14, 2018 to apply for possible matching funds for both an emergency savings account and retirement plan. Eligible rostered ministers should have received an email already. If not, you can follow up at

Resourceful Servants kicks off its second year
Financial wellness is a vital component in our endeavor to live well. As our church leaders, your financial wellness benefits all of us. Resourceful Servants encourages practical steps and services to help rostered leaders address their financial needs – including resources and matching programs to assist with emergency and retirement savings. Entering our second year, we are hopeful the impact of the Resourceful Servants program on you and our church can be even greater than it was in the first year.
What are participants saying?
“The program helps me feel not alone – and reassures me that churchwide cares for its rostered ministers.”

“My hope is, as I save more, and as I pay more attention to my overall financial situation, that I will have more peace about the future and be able to concentrate more fully on what I feel called to do and not so much on my immediate financial needs.”

“It’s actually a simple thing – watching my account grow and knowing the positive effect this will have in the long run.”

Find out more about the Resourceful Servants Savings Matching programs by visiting our website.