Send Us Your Stories!

By Pastor Kurt Nordby, Assistant to the Bishop for Stewardship and Development 

All around the territory of the Northern Illinois Synod exciting and meaningful ministries are taking place. From Scales Mound to Streator, from the Quad Cities to Joliet, congregations of the Northern Illinois Synod are making a difference in people’s lives through ministry in their congregation and community. The untold story is in the collective ministries of our congregations and how we can be inspired in ministry by what others are doing.

We are designing a series on the website and in Making Christ Known to get the ministry stories of our congregations to us so that we might celebrate the ways we are sharing the love of Christ and that we might be inspired to try learnings we glean from what other congregations are doing.

To do this, we need of your congregation’s help. One way we would like to tell the story is through a video vignette from your congregation which shares a ministry or two that you are excited about. Your video could be about a program taking place in your congregation or a ministry your congregation shares in the community. Another way to share the story is to accompany the videos with the congregational ministry stories received by way of the Every Council Visits taking place this fall. The plan is to highlight congregational ministries in one conference per issue beginning the first of the year.

So, get those phones or cameras ready. Think of a few ministries that you would like to share. Upload them to your congregation’s YouTube channel or Facebook page and send the link to Karin Graddy, NIS Communication Director at Remember, we need every congregation’s assistance and input. Let’s tell the stories, learn from each other, and celebrate the ways we are making a difference and touching lives with God’s transforming love in Jesus Christ.

Blessings in your ministry!

A few quick tips for great video stories:

  • Don’t worry about it being perfect
  • Turn your phone sideways for horizontal videos
  • Keep it short
  • Make a plan
  • Use video or still photos or a combination
  • Make sure the subject is well-lit
  • Use creative backgrounds
  • Watch other videos to get ideas
  • Do not use copyrighted music or images (check out sites like for stock images and for background music)

Don’t want to make a video? Written stories are welcome, too! Send stories and photos to