The Gathering is over. Now what?

Now what?

Upon returning home, youth leaders have the lofty task of transitioning their youth from the euphoria of the Gathering to the normalcy back home. Fortunately, we have a list of tips to ensure that the energy of the Gathering doesn’t get lost during the transition:

  1. Debrief: Start having intentional conversations to find out how your youth want to shape their post-Gathering life.
  2. Appreciate: Host a “thank-you” event to recognize volunteers who helped send your group to the Gathering.
  3. Plan: As you develop the upcoming year of youth ministry, consider Gathering feedback from your youth.
  4. Connect: Reach out to your synod and nearby congregations to find out what they are doing to maintain the post-Gathering energy.
  5. Regroup: Have a reunion to tell stories, share pictures and talk about the Gathering experience.
  6. Engage: Speak with your pastor or worship committee to find ways to integrate Gathering experiences into the worship service.
  7. Share: Ask if you can post youth testimonials in the church bulletin in the weeks following the Gathering.
  8. Repeat: If your group loved the Gathering, remind them that they can come again! As a participant, a volunteer or an adult leader. It’s never too early to start planning for 2021!

For more tips and tricks to navigating post-Gathering life, check out “The Official Gathering Handbook”!

Gathering numbers

Curious about some Gathering numbers?

ELCA Youth Gathering

Gathering memories

Looking to share your Gathering experience with friends and family? We’ve got tons of pictures and videos to help you share the Gathering story! Check out the albums on our Facebook page, as well as videos available on YouTube.

Post-Gathering materials

To help your group process the Gathering, we’re creating three post-Gathering lessons. These lessons will help you take what you learned and experienced in Houston and give you ways to bring that home – from sharing your stories to implementing change in your communities. These materials will be available for your group in our materials soon! Keep an eye on our social media for their release.

Thank you

Thank you to our Gathering sponsors: Mission Investment FundELCA Network of Colleges and UniversitiesStay Near the CrossCall To Lead Team, and the ELCA Federal Credit Union. The ministry of the Gathering would not be possible without partnerships like yours. We thank you for the many ways you were present with us for the 2018 ELCA Youth Gathering!

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