WELCA News – Reminder: Summer is a great time of year

Raising awareness about human trafficking
Women of the ELCA staff and volunteers spent the last days of June (and the first day of July) in Houston at the ELCA Youth Gathering raising awareness about human trafficking. Two organizations in the area are receiving the hygiene kits assembled by 30,000-plus youth at the gathering. Your donations to pay for the kit supplies and the interactive exhibit are still being accepted. Learn more! And thanks! See photos and videos on Facebook. You can also find photos here on our SmugMug page.
Summer is a great time for special retreats and Bible study
Some congregational units discontinue regular meetings during the summer, but that’s no reason to forgo getting together. Women of the ELCA has several resources you could use during a one-day or weekend retreat. And of course, don’t forget Gather magazine’s three-session summer Bible study on prayer, which you can download for free here.
Interchange/Intercambio available now for downloading and sharing
In the summer 2018 issue of Interchange you will learn about human trafficking resources offered through Cherish All Children, find out how to engage more women in your organization, read about actions taken by the executive board, and get an update on Gather‘s fall Bible study.Intercambio is available in Español.
Blessed are those
For the past three years I have been struggling with missing a special someone that I have never had. I’ve moved four times for school. I left a stable but soul-sucking job for…well, I am not exactly sure what yet. I’ve had a handful of friends get married and start families as I approach 50. Read more in Gather magazine.
The revolutionary act of self-care
I’ve come to believe that the most revolutionary relationship I have–not counting my relationship with God–is my relationship with myself. I believe that we are called to love ourselves so that we can love our neighbor. I believe that loving God leads to loving self. Read more by Rozella Haydée White in Café.
July devotion: God is about relationships, and so are we
Here in the Midwest, we all go kind of nuts in summer. Groups of friends go to outdoor concerts together, sometimes with surprisingly elaborate picnics packed into their portable coolers. Yes, summer is when friends get together and enjoy God’s gracious and generous gifts together. Read the devotion.
We cried and prayed with our sisters in Puerto Rico
Women of the ELCA executive board member Sara Larson saw first-hand the devastation Hurricane Maria wreaked on Puerto Rico as she visited with our Christian sisters in the Caribbean Synodical Women’s Organization in June. Read her blog.
Do you want to engage more women in your organization?
It’s time to plan for the new program year! Consider the questions: How do we get started? What can we do to inspire more women to become involved in the organization we love? How can we make a difference together?
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