Wholeness Wheel

The Wholeness Wheel reflects our call to care for our whole self. By balancing the interconnected dimensions of well-being, we are able to live well in Christ and pass on our faith.

The Wholeness Wheel illustrates that wellness is multidimensional — made up of spiritual, vocational, intellectual, emotional, physical, social and financial elements of well-being. Spiritual well-being is intertwined with each aspect of wellness.

At the center of the wheel, we are a new creation through the waters of baptism. Christ lives in us and through us and calls us out to love and serve one another. What does it mean to be a new creation? We have received the gift of grace through Christ, who came that we might have abundant life. Abundant life is living as a new creation, being grounded and centered in Christ and loving our neighbor as ourselves. It is when we are living well in Christ that we are best equipped to pass on our faith.



The Wholeness Wheel was developed by the InterLutheran Coordinating Committee on Ministerial Health and Wellness, of which the ELCA Board of Pensions is a member.