Wherever You Are: A Spiritual Event

On Saturday, September 26, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. the Spiritual Life Team of Christ Lutheran, Belvidere will be holding a one-day retreat called, “Wherever You Are:  A Spiritual Event.”  The primary purpose of this event is to help attendees enlarge their consciousness of God, deepen their prayer discipline, and appreciate the prayer forms of others who worship.

This is an experiential event!  This means that it will allow participants to experience different “types” of Christian spirituality, to identify their own spiritual “type,” and to foster a deeper encounter with the Holy.  Following an introduction to four spiritual types by Pastor Jack Finney*, the day will include a rotation through four different experiences of these “types.”  The event will conclude with an opportunity to learn more about the participant’s preferred “type” as well as with corporate worship.

Our session leaders include the following well-known and seasoned leaders in the area of spiritual growth:

  • The Path of the Head – Pastor Troy Hedrick
  • The Path of the Heart – Jennifer Fox, AIM
  • The Path of the Mystic – Pastor Jack Finney
  • The Path of the Activist – Pastor Denver Bitner

Lunch and refreshments will be included as well as simple “take-aways,” concrete reminders of each of the spiritual modules.

More information will be forthcoming.

We hope that you will find time in your busy schedule for this day of rest and spiritual growth.  We also hope that you’ll share this information with persons in your congregation who are seeking to deepen their encounter with Christ and the church.


*Jack Finney, our key note speaker, is a semi-retired ELCA pastor, a member of Christ Lutheran Church in Stoughton, Wisconsin, and  an Oblate at Holy Wisdom Monastery in Madison.  He was the founder of the Spiritual Life Center at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Oak Park, Illinois, and is a widely-recognized spiritual director and retreat leader, focusing on spiritual practices and ways of prayer.