Women and Justice Draft Social Statement

In 2009, the Churchwide Assembly authorized the development of a social statement on women and justice. The ELCA Task Force on Women and Justice: One in Christ has been at work since 2012 and brought the work to a crucial stage: On November 15, 2017 it released the Draft of a Social Statement on Women and Justice. The comment period on the Draft is open until September 30, 2018.

The Draft, along with an FAQ, overview, brochure and information about how to participate in the comment period can be found here.

The 19 ELCA members on the task force represent diverse walks of life, perspectives, gender, geography, ethnicity and skills that provide a variety of thoughtful voices. The range of issues that the task force continues to explore remains open-ended since there are many issues that affect individuals, congregations, communities and society. To learn more about who is on the task force download their bios here.

The task force recognizes the importance of adequate time to consider the many issues and enable broad participation in the conversation across the church.  For a timeline of the task force’s work, click here.

The task force, previously has also developed and suggested various study resources for further education on gender issues, Lutheran theology, and more. To explore these, click here.

To download a brochure about this work, click here. | en español


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Women and Justice