Your input needed for Treasurers’ Workshop

The second annual Treasurers’ Workshop will be held on Saturday, November 12.

The purpose of this email is to gather information as to the topics and specific questions that you would like to cover at this workshop.   Last year on the evaluation questionnaire, one of the suggestions was to have a separate workshop for pastors.  I’m working on accommodating this request.

The following is an example of a topic that will be on the agenda: The fair labor standards act and revisions to exempt employee salary requirements as they may affect the religious organizations.  This ruling becomes effective December 1, 2016.

To make this an informative workshop for everyone, your input is vital. 

Email your questions or topics to by September 1.

More detailed information about the workshop contents and agenda will be provided after September 1.

Thank you,

June M. Cain
Synod Bookkeeper