Youth Gathering News from Peg – February 2018

February 1, 2018

Boy, I wish I could say that it was HOT in Houston, but I can’t. I DO know it will be hot when we are there in June. It is very important, and the trainers repeatedly told us, hydration is important!!!! Bring water bottles and USE them. (That last part of the sentence is for me. I am very bad at staying hydrated!)

We got information on hotels. You will find the name of your hotel on the main leaders’ registration. We are located in the Galleria area of Houston. There are so many going south that we are not all in the same hotels BUT the two hotels are a 5 minute walk between them.

Marriott Westchase

  • #01979 Bethany, Crystal Lake
  • #02026 St. John, Pearl City
  • #02029 First, Prophetstown
  • #02033 St. John, Sterling
  • #07841 Peace, New Lenox

Hilton Westchase

  • everybody else

As I said, we are close to each other.

Hotel cost will be out later, and you will make your contact with the hotel to pay for the rooms. You will not be able to change the rooms through the hotel; you need to do so through the Gathering office. I will send a list of restaurants in the Galleria area when I get it retyped. It is too light print to copy.

Double check your main leader’s registration. Check on number of rooms, check on whether or not you’re marked for Gathering transportation, and check on any changes/edits you may need to make on youth or adults. Take a look at any balance you may have.

Remember if you have any questions you may contact me through email, phone, or mail.

As we prepare for the season of Lent, let us be mindful of Christ’s love for us. He sacrificed all that we might live in His grace.



2140 A Grand Detour Rd., Dixon IL 61021

(815) 440-0003