2019 Assembly In-Kind Offering

Each year every congregation in the Northern Illinois Synod is invited to bring a designated ‘In Kind Offering’ to the Synod Assembly. In the past, it has been very tangible items – like non-perishable groceries for food pantries, or laundry soap, or other items for distribution.

This year the In-Kind Offering is an Offering of Letters to members of Congress supporting legislation that advances assistance to those in need in developing countries as well as the U. S. The letters on this occasion will be a request to congressional leaders to support Advancing Global Nutrition.

Letters will be available for signing on Sundays – June 2, and June 9. The letters will be taken to the Synod Assembly by our Voting Members and lifted up as an offering at worship. Then they will be sent to our Representatives and Senators. This is an opportunity to advocate for systemic change that will ultimately reduce and eliminate hunger. Your voice and your letter will make a difference.

Representative Letter

Senator Letter 1

Senator Letter 2