2019 is a time of transition for “Seeds for the Parish”

“Seeds for the Parish” has been around for a long time! Its been a well-read, widely-used resource among congregations and synods – sort of like a community marketplace where one can wandethrough a few times a year and check out what’s new and available to help support and equip leaders, congregations, and ministries of the ELCA.

The winter 2019 issue is the last issue of “Seeds for the Parish” being published in print form. It’s sad to say goodbye, but at the same time, exciting to envision the new potential and reach of transitioning to Seeds Monthly. The decision to discontinue printing and mailing “Seeds for the Parish” was a difficult one made with concern for sustainability and a commitment to provide effective, timely ways of spreading the news about resources that support leaders and congregations.

Seeds Monthly is a monthle-newsletter that has been met with great success and a growing reach in a digital format that highlights new and helpful resources, upcoming events, ideas for ministry and more. In addition to Seeds Monthly, be sure to also subscribe to “Living Lutheran” where you’ll find helpful articles and new resources highlighted.

Moving forward 

  • If you are not already receiving Seeds Monthly, please go to ELCA.org/subscribe and select Seeds Monthly. It’s quick, easy and free!
  • To submit content or ideas for Seeds Monthly, contact Megan Brandsrud at megan.brandsrud@elca.org by the first of each month.
  • To submit ideas and resourcefor “Living Lutheran,” go to livinglutheran.org and use the link at the bottom of the page. You‘ll also find a subscription link there.

Rod Boriack, editor “Seeds for the Parish”

Article originally printed in Winter 2019 “Seeds for the Parish.” Reprinted with permission.