Announcing 1517 Media

By Beth A. Lewis
Did you know that we at Augsburg Fortress are the proud inheritors of a Lutheran publishing tradition that extends back 200 years in North America? Even though today we are more likely to deliver products digitally than by horse and buggy home delivery or even traditional brick and mortar bookstores, our mission really hasn’t changed. The use of current technologies for proclaiming the Gospel is in our Lutheran DNA.
But, our tradition is older than that! In 1517 Martin Luther launched the Protestant Reformation by posting the 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. And, he quickly saw the power of the cool new technology of his day, the moveable type printing press, to enable sharing of Scripture, his sermons, tracts and the Catechisms with people well beyond his little university town.
Those of us who work in this publishing ministry and business have been beneficiaries of this great theological and technological tradition. And, we continue to serve the Church and adapt to changing times by recommitting ourselves to our rich theological tradition and embracing an ever wider variety of media as we serve Lutherans and other Christians wherever they may be.
It is with that background that I am excited to share with you this letter announcing some important changes in the life of this organization. This letter was sent out via email to all ELCA rostered leaders and many other ministry partners and leaders all across the ELCA, ELCIC and ecumenically.
This is an exciting day for me personally and in our organization’s history because it marks in a very concrete way how far we have come, how grounded we are, and our optimism about the work we will continue to do for the ELCA and the larger Church for the sake of the world.
Thank you for your support of this ministry and business of publishing!