Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre School of Nursing Update

by Mark Jacobson

The progress is great on creating our new School of Nursing! Thanks to all of you!

Our current classes:

This year the makeup of our class changed significantly. As many of you know, we previously had a 2-year nursing certificate course and a one-year community health technician course. A mixture of changes has come our way. The two-year certificate was upgraded to a three-year diploma course in recognition of the high success of the two-year students. The health technician course was discontinued by the government. The School of Nursing has instead initiated a new one-year upgrading course for nurses previously trained as certificate level nurses. So the total class numbers are a few less but we are training all at a much higher level.

Developing the School of Nursing Campus:

The wonderful news is that the construction and renovation for our own campus are well underway. We took possession of our portion of the Ekenywa Secondary School in July. The Jandu construction company has begun with great energy and a rapid startup in August. We are on a schedule to finish the renovation of the classrooms and dining facility by the new year. The new dormitory is to be finished by the 1st of April! We hope to maybe move in not too long after that and certainly to be ready for graduation in August and to welcome the new class in October!

We’ve had some surprises during the construction process to date. The ground is such that we had to redesign the foundations to accommodate the black cotton soil. We’ve found that the renovation of the used buildings required much more than expected. We have decided to add solar power for lights and computers in all the SON buildings. We still are sorting out water supplies and hoping to get a better electrical connection. But we are in our own space and moving forward wonderfully.


We have been so blessed by all of you and your support for this project. When I first dreamt of a School of Nursing for our hospital, it seemed so very impossible. It seemed to be far too costly for us to raise in a world suffering from donor fatigue. But amazingly, God brought you all together to make this happen. Some of you are long-time supporters and some are first-time supporters of any of our ministries. You have been so incredibly generous as individuals and as congregations. You have brought together the $600,000 needed to help us make this dream a reality.