Assembly Election Results

Thanks to all those individuals who have been willing to stand for election to the various offices of the Synod.

Synod Council: Vice President (4-year term) Minnette Scott
Synod Council: Treasurer (4-year term) Tammie Farley 
Synod Council: Laity (3-year term) Carla Vanatta 
Synod Council: Laity (3-year term) George Sanchez 
Synod Council: Clergy (3-year term) Janet Wold 
Synod Council: Clergy (3-year term) Robert Franek 
Synod Council: Laity, Person of Color (3-year term) Monique Castillo 
Synod Council: Youth Representative (1-year term) Grace Hoening

Congregational Life Committee: Laity (3-year term) Melinda Alekna 
Congregational Life Committee: Clergy (3-year term) Elizabeth Mascal 
Congregational Life Committee: Clergy (3-year term) Zachary Baer

Global Mission Committee: Clergy (3-year term) Jessica Bakken 
Global Mission Committee: Clergy (3-year term) Reed Pedersen

Ministry Support Committee: Laity (3-year term) Deanna Swanson 
Ministry Support Committee: Clergy (3-year term) Karyn Kost

Outreach Committee: Laity (3-year term) Amanda Schanze 
Outreach Committee: Laity (3-year term) Roger Haefner 
Outreach Committee: Laity (3-year term) Nathan Knowles 
Outreach Committee: Clergy (3-year term) Frank Langhoff 
Outreach Committee: Clergy (2-year term) Lisa Burbank

Social Ministry Committee: Laity (3-year term) Joan Soltwisch 
Social Ministry Committee: Clergy (3-year term) Chuck Olson

Consultation Committee: Laity (6-year term) Lyn Tubbesing 
Consultation Committee: Laity (6-year term) Randy Mullin 
Consultation Committee: Clergy (6-year term) Elizabeth Martin 
Consultation Committee: Clergy (6-year term) Preston Fields

Discipline Committee: Laity (6-year term) Karen Dolan 
Discipline Committee: Laity (6-year term) Michael “Mic” Brooks 
Discipline Committee: Clergy (6-year term) Henrietta Milner 
Discipline Committee: Clergy (6-year term) Jacob Gawlik