Chaplain Larry Conway, retired

There’s an old saying that goes like this… “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and I think that this picture says a lot about ministry at Friendship Manor, Rock Island, right now. From a slower-paced part-time position in retirement, I have moved to a much faster-paced, temporary (I hope!) full-time position here. I am – temporarily – chosen to work 7 days a week, am producing a four-page daily devotional/inspirational newsletter, doing services in new and innovative ways, visiting daily those in the skilled nursing center who are particularly vulnerable and isolated through this pandemic due to regulatory guidelines, cracking a lot of jokes with staff, and taking my turn at the check-in point taking peoples temperatures before they can enter to help keep the virus out.  And I even get to wear a mask! I wonder if anyone can tell if I’ve shaved or not???