Christ, Stockton

Pr. Paul Gebo

Thanks to the initiative of Nicole Haas, we are offering food and household supplies to members of the Stockton community, through our “Mini Pantry.”

Just outside the doors of the church sits a container of goods, with the invitation to “Take What you need. Donate what you can.” The Stockton Food Pantry is only open a few hours each week, so this mini pantry offers members of the community extra opportunities to receive the things they might need. Nicole is very involved in the Christ Lutheran family, as well as the larger community. She was the head of my call committee (and now heads our Mutual Ministry team); she is a wife and the mother of two fine boys, one of whom is in our Affirmation of Baptism classes; and she serves as the Brand Director for the Greater Freeport Partnership.

She is also one of the invaluable group of members who have been assisting me in our online/live-streamed worship services. Through the technologies of Facebook, Zoom, and YouTube, Christ Lutheran has been reaching out and proclaiming the gospel to people around the globe. Nicole and others are helping to upgrade our electronic equipment, so that we may continue offering the quality worship experiences, both now and, importantly, even once we are able to resume gathering together physically for worship.

As challenging as it has been, this pandemic has given us opportunities to be imaginative and creative in the ways we proclaim the good news to our communities. I am faithful that we will come through this a stronger and more vibrant church and a more unified body of Christ.