Fall Discipleship Gatherings

2016 Discipleship Gatherings LOVING YOUR NEIGHBOR: The Challenges of a Changing Community

“And who is my neighbor?” the man asked Jesus. Jesus responded by telling the parable of the Good Samaritan; a story about race, division, and misunderstanding; a story about compassion, mercy, and healing.

Bishop Clements invites you to take a step toward healing. At the Discipleship Gatherings this fall we considered what message Jesus has for us through this timeless parable in the face of our changing communities and in this time of racial division and misunderstanding.


From Bishop Clements sermon:

"We, my brothers and sisters, should be on the front lines with a message of love. We who try to follow Jesus we should be teaching people how to treat others kindly, but we have to do that first. So who is your neighbor? The oppressed. All who are oppressed. And who is it that we are called to be a neighbor to? Well, who is it that we are called NOT to be a neighbor to?"

Beginning with sharing a meal at 6:15pm, turning to scripture and lifting up prayer, each Discipleship Gathering offered opportunity for fellowship, learning, listening, and reflecting. They included learning about our history and listening to our personal stories. Through reflection on what we hear and think, we discerned what our call to discipleship is in loving our neighbors. Resources were offered for continued conversations back at your home congregations.

Dinner 6:15 -7 pm
Program 7-8:30 pm
  • Thursday, October 6 Central St. Paul, Sterling
  • Tuesday, October 11 West/Southwest Augustana, Andover
  • Tuesday, November 1 East St. John, Joliet
  • Thursday, November 3 South St. John, Peru
  • Wednesday, November 9 North St. Mark, Rockford
  • Thursday, November 10 Northeast Bethany, Crystal Lake
  • Tuesday, November 15 Northwest Prince of Peace, Freeport