ELCA Annual Yearbooks

Now that the ELCA is no longer supplying annual printed yearbooks, how do we find information on churchwide Staff, congregations, and rostered ministers?

The 2018 ELCA yearbook is now online and known as the ELCA Directory. Just as the printing press changed the world during Martin Luther’s time, so the digitization of data and the internet are changing the way we publish and access information. This directory is the beginning of that process for the ELCA.

This digital online solution provides the same content as the ELCA yearbook did, with the added features of being able to access the information from any computer (including mobile devices), filtering, and annual reporting.

This resource is free and can be accessed at directory.elca.org. A login is required. Rostered Ministers, if you know your ELCA Community account you may use that, otherwise, anyone can use a Facebook, Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo account to login.

The ELCA Directory can also be accessed from the footer of almost every page of the elca.org website. Under the “Looking for Something?” heading, click “Online Directory.”

Once you sign in, you can find all the information previously in the yearbook and more.

We know it may seem a little awkward at first, but the good news is that the information is much more current than the paper directories that were out-of-date by the time they were received. And this directory is free!