ELCA Global Links September 2016

And they’re off!
In mid-August, 84 Young Adults in Global Mission volunteers gathered in Chicago for a week of orientation and were sent off to their countries of service! We are excited about the new stories and lessons that the young adults are going to learn and share over the coming year. Please consider the ways that you can support these young adults – whether it is financially through a donation, through prayer, by following the Young Adults in Global Mission Facebook and ELCA Global Church Facebook pages, or by sharing information with others so that even more people can become involved. Join these 84 young adults in this year of service!

Music and dancing must go on in the midst of life’s tragedies
The Rev. Linda Johnson-Seyenkulo is serving as a missionary in Liberia and recently wrote a blog about a church service that she attended. At this service, she shared the story of a mother who spoke of the devastation caused by Ebola. Though the service was filled with many tears and much sadness, it also was filled with music and dancing. Pastor Linda ends the blog with, “My hope is that the sharing and the music and the dancing will heal her spirit.”

Inspiring International Women Leaders
A new video was shared at the 2016 Churchwide Assembly that highlights the International Women Leaders initiative. As Tammy Jackson, the director of the International Leaders program, says in the video, when you educate a woman, you educate a family, you change a community, you change a nation and you eventually change the world. Learn more about this initiative and consider the ways you can support women who are (and will be) changing the world.

Stories of accompaniment
Julie Gerrish is a Young Adults in Global Mission volunteer who is serving in Senegal this year – one of two new country programs receiving volunteers for the first time.  After arriving in Senegal, she wrote a blog about the ways in which she has already experienced accompaniment.  Read about how strangers and new friends ate, walked, taught languages and listened to stories with the new volunteers. Julie encourages her readers, “Look around and see who is accompanying you. … They are there where you don’t always expect.”

ELCA Churchwide Assembly key actions
The 2016 ELCA Churchwide Assembly was held in New Orleans from Aug. 8-13. As the highest legislative authority of the ELCA, its many business items included electing William B. Horne II as the vice president of the ELCA, approving the AMMPARO initiative and approving proposals called memorials.

A bright and healthy future in central India
A recent Living Lutheran article includes several photos of the Padhar Hospital in central India that is supported by ELCA World Hunger. Learn about how ELCA World Hunger is supporting the hospital and food and nutrition education programs, and helping teach people how to use smokeless cookstoves.

Are you interested in serving as an ELCA Global Mission personnel?
ELCA Global Mission has posted several global service positions for 2017 on the ELCA career page. Opportunities include placements in Asia, Latin America and Africa and jobs as teachers, Young Adults in Global Mission country coordinators and regional representatives.

Are you a Thrivent Choice member?
We are excited that ELCA Global Church Sponsorship has been added as an organization that can receive funds through the Thrivent Choice program. If you are a Thrivent member, consider supporting Global Church Sponsorship through your Thrivent Choice Dollars and support us in sending missionaries and volunteers, training leaders, planting churches and supporting existing churches as they continue to expand their efforts and reach.

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