First We Give of Ourselves Update

Online Workshops for First, We Give of Ourselves

Just a reminder that workshops for all three years of the First, We Give of Ourselves stewardship resource are now online and available through the Northern Illinois Synod website. Instead of just a few workshop opportunities, along with the time and travel involved, the online resource will enable your stewardship ministry team to access workshops for Year 1, 2, or 3 with just a click of the mouse. You can access this resource on the synod website.

Final Update and Edits for First, We Give of Ourselves

Pr. Kurt Nordby has just completed the final edits and updates to First, We Give of Ourselves three-year stewardship resource. Contact Pr. Nordby to get your copy. If you have any questions, or if he can personally help in any way, just give him a call at 309-794-4004, or e-mail him at He has a few Sundays available in the Fall if you would like him to visit your congregation and preach on the themes of First, We Give of Ourselves.