Grace, Woodstock

Pr. Ken Gibson

At Grace Lutheran Church in Woodstock, we have been blessed with an opportunity to live out our mission of Sharing God’s Grace by providing meals and other support to the homeless population of McHenry County for many years. Recently, due to the shelter-in-place directive that was put into effect, this need has become even greater. Since we are no longer able to serve these sisters and brothers in the same way as we have in the past, Grace members stepped up to the call to provide restaurant prepared meals in a truly wonderful way. Personal funds were quickly donated, and we are now providing a Wednesday morning breakfast and a Saturday evening meal each week to 30 people. Not only has this had a positive impact on the lives of those we are serving, but it has also been a boost to our small locally-owned restaurants. Each restaurant that we have ordered from has expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to provide meals for the hungry. Each food order also helps keep their business going during this very difficult time. The following letter from one such business says it all.

First, let me start by saying how extremely generous it is of your congregation to do this for our PADS clients. This means more to them than any of you could ever know. Our clients have always enjoyed the food you have brought on the 3rd Saturday nights of the month, but in all honesty, having food delivered from local restaurants is something they are not at all accustomed to. Most don’t have the money to eat out and this is quite a treat for them when you bring in local cuisine. It makes them feel, as they would say “normal”, “special”, and “cared about”.