Immanuel, Earlville

Denise Rode

We are relying primarily on videos of my sermons posted each Sunday at the time of our service (9 a.m.).  I write the sermon generally on Thursdays and Fridays after participating in Zoom text study with one or two groups of clergy.  My daughter then records the sermon, trying to avoid having one of more of our six cats getting in the picture.  I then send the video to one of our tech-savvy members who edits the video and posts it to the Immanuel FaceBook page.  I add the Prayer of the Day, the Intercessory Prayers, the Lord’s Prayer, and a Benediction to the sermon before sending it out.  When necessary, I add some announcements at the beginning of the video but I try to keep these brief.  For those members and friends who do not have computer access, I send a hard copy of the service to their homes or care facilities.

Other things we’re doing during the shutdown are Zoom Council meetings, sending note cards with $5.00 gift cards to our first responders, essential workers, and health care professionals; making phone calls to as members as possible; and snail-mailing notes to Confirmation students and those preparing for First Communion.