LIRS Newsletter May 2019


This month, we had the opportunity to celebrate the amazing mothers in our life – and at LIRS that includes many of the resilient and courageous women that we serve. But today, the plight of mothers who are seeking refuge in America, is often marked by sacrifice and loss – in fact, this week brought the heartbreaking news of yet another child who died in U.S. custody.

So, this Mother’s Day we remembered those who have lost or been separated from a loved one, those in immigration detention, and those who have yet to find safety in America. We will do our part to offer comfort and compassion to those in our care. Always.


My America… A Mother’s Day Story
Earlier this year, we launched My America, a digital storytelling campaign that seeks to lift up the voices of refugees and migrants in America. This month we had the special privilege to receive a story from a mother who was forced to make difficult decisions in order to care for her children… and eventually reunite with them through the support of the LIRS network.

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Sorting Out the Truth about the Border
There is a lot of misinformation out there about immigration and the humanitarian crisis at the border, but LIRS breaks it down into myths and fact. Equip yourself with the truth.
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A Mother’s Day Message from Krish
As a new mother myself, I wanted to ask you to consider how your support of LIRS impacts the lives of mothers who are seeking asylum at our southern border.
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Take Action Today to #ProtectMigrantChildren
The death of one migrant child is too many, but so far this year, we know of six children who have died in U.S. custody.

It’s become clear that the system designed to protect these children is failing them, and it’s time that we hold our leaders accountable and bring an end to these tragic, preventable deaths.

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