Living Lutheran July 2016

chileIn Chile, the Lutheran church fights for the dignity of women

Judges 7 is the story of Gideon’s small army overcoming numerical odds to defeat the Midianites. It is at the center of this victory that God’s presence is made known. Similarly, today in Chile, God is present through the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chile (IELCH).…continue

soulTreating the soul of an epidemic

 In places of Washington, D.C., where tourists rarely visit, a quiet epidemic is raging. At least 3 percent of residents-more than 20,000 people-suffer from HIV and AIDS. According to The Washington Post, the HIV incidence rate in D.C. is on par with Uganda and Kenya.…continue

Lay rostered leaders: What’s in a name?

For those serving the ELCA as a diaconal minister, deaconess or associate in ministry, names-specifically name changes-have been a hot topic for nearly a decade.….continue

Hot dish, humor & honest conversation

While some might say there are few things more quintessentially Lutheran than the hot dish, not every Lutheran grew up eating various forms of this starchy casserole at church potlucks.…..continue

What it means to be Lutheran

Lutherans don’t often garner much media attention. In this country we don’t make up a big segment of the population. When groups of Lutherans began arriving on these shores in the 18th and 19th centuries, they tended to stay in their nationality and language groups and didn’t assimilate completely into the surrounding culture.….continue

Proclaiming God’s love: From Cambodia to Costa Rica

To get a sense of how zealous Tanzanian Lutherans are, you could start by worshiping with them. Not only is the average service two to three hours long, including multiple choral performances and offerings, the sheer amount of people gathered is impressive.

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