Lord of Love, Galena

Diane Beemster

What had started as an idea to keep in touch with family members for Easter ended up in the making of 75 masks.  I sent all of the kids and grandkids masks in lieu of physically getting together.  After Easter, our QTs quilt group was asked if we could make masks for clients that use The Mop Shop, a community service organization that provides cleaning supplies for individuals that are unable to purchase supplies on their own.  I was on a roll and started to cut up some of my stash to make masks for The Mop Shop and additional for family and friends.  I had 16 left and wondered if there was some place that could use them.  The next day there was a request on Facebook from Midwest Medical Center for masks.  So about half of the masks went to family and friends and the others went to service providers.  And depending upon how long we will be needing to wear masks, there may be more in the future.