Tammy Devine
Diaconal Minister and
ELCA Wellness Manager

New Year, New Start

by Tammy Devine. Diaconal Minister and ELCA Wellness Manager

As you launch into 2016, stop and reflect. Imagine your best self. Most of us aren’t in perfect health; many of us have issues we can’t control. But all of us are called to live well. Through this year’s GO! Challenge, we have the opportunity to listen to our deep longing, remove the mask that hides our vulnerability, and honestly consider how to create better physical and emotional health.

I know in my heart, my most important work is to strengthen my emotional well-being by tackling self-doubt. I need your help this coming year — check in with me by email or as we cross paths out in the ELCA community. Ask me how I’m doing. If you’d like, I will ask you the same. Together, we can make 2016 the year we live into the life God created us to live.

This year, Portico invites you to make a lifestyle change that lasts. In the past, we’ve rewarded you for trying a 4 – 6 week activity after taking the health assessment. This year is different. There is no prescribed activity. You decide what you want to change and the specific steps to take. You’ll still earn wellness dollars if you’re a member, spouse, or ESGP with ELCA-Primary health benefits. But more importantly, you’ll earn better health.

Learn how to complete this year’s challenge