Pastor Bob Hansen, retired

When one is sequestered and used to being in the front lines of ministry inspired  thinking can help.  Therefore, my wife Lynn and I are actively participating by producing MASKS used by those front line people in nursing homes, hospitals, restaurants, and even our neighbors.  Recently we gave 10 masks to a neighbor who then offered $10 per each mask.  We refused the money and advised them to give an offering to our Bethlehem Lutheran food pantry and they did.  We walked into a Jersey Mike’s for a sandwich and saw that the workershad no masks.  We gave them four and they were thrilled.  “What do you want in return?” they asked.  We said, “We want to thank you for being here to serve.  We appreciate YOU.”   Our retired pastors in the NE conference have helped by gathering materials for making quilts for LWR.

We have repaired 10 above the ground boxes for a community garden to add to food given out for the food pantry.  Lynn and I also deliver food for Meals on Wheels.  There is great blessing and satisfaction in seeing people who are hungry or in need smiling with relief when given what they need.

Phoning shut-ins and persons in hospital and nursing homes offers us a chance to serve that feeds our souls.  The COVID 19 pandemic has generated a sense of unity in our society and world.  We need each other.  Even masks are expressions of caring for others while watching over our own good health.

Thanks be to God, who will see us through this challenge as God has in the past.  Stay healthy my friends.