Plan to attend the CRE!

Sponsored by the Northern Illinois Synod Congregational Life Committee, the Congregational Resourcing Event (CRE) is one of this synod’s finest yearly events.

This year’s CRE will be Saturday, March 9 at Kishwaukee College in Malta, IL.

Everyone in a congregation – can take advantage of this learning event to strengthen skills, gather resources, network with others, and discover new ways to enhance congregational and individual ministries. Come, experience and bring home new ministry tools.

This year’s keynote presenter will be the Rev. Dr. Dave Daubert. His keynote is titled Being Disciples Comes First. Dr. Daubert will also lead two workshops, Making Disciples: Core Practices That Change Lives and The Invitational Christian.

From Dr. Daubert:

We are charged with the calling to “Go, make disciples…” But Jesus didn’t issue that call in a vacuum. He had spent three intense years with twelve of his closest companions preparing them for the work they would carry on in his name. He sat around campfires while they shared meals and stories. He demonstrated all sorts of things and taught them to do some of them for themselves. He taught them to understand what he had done and why he had done it. By the time they received this charge, he had died on a cross in front as they watched from a distance and then been raised from the dead and returned to them alive. In other words, Jesus made disciples before he asked them to go out and make more disciples.

Research clearly shows that the future of the church is partly dependent on the spiritual vitality of the people who are part of the church now. The higher the discipleship levels and commitments of the church in the present, the brighter the future looks. And if we are struggling to figure out how to make new disciples, it makes a lot of sense to look at our current discipleship and begin to grow deeper in our ability to be committed followers of Jesus.

We will look at some key elements of discipleship and offer motivation and insights that should help everyone present both understand and feel a calling to grow deeper in their faith walk as disciples, as together we carry on the ministry of the risen Christ.

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