Portico Update from your Regional Representative, Jennifer Prinz

Dates for ELCA Benefits Plan Annual Enrollment for Congregations and Plan Members: Congregations have until October 25 to make health plan option selection for 2019. Annual Enrollment for plan members will have from Oct. 29- Nov. 13 to make your selections. Note: If you’re part of a sponsored couple, a call to the Customer Care Center can help you navigate some of the trickier details.  Sign into MyPortico to learn more.

Innovation Brings Low 2020 Health Rate Increase and More Support: If you haven’t read about changes coming in 2020 to the ELCA Benefits Plan, click here to learn more.

ELCA Primary Health Plan Wellness Dollars:
Plan members have until Nov. 30 to earn up to $400 wellness dollars that can be used for medical expenses. If your spouse is also on the health plan, they can, too. If you have already started earning, don’t forget to complete your activities. If you haven’t yet started, now is the time to begin. Click here to learn more.

Important: If you anticipate any change in your employment status between now and January 31, 2020, such as retirement or a new call or position, please contact Portico immediately at 800-352-2876 because the change may affect your 2020 benefits.