Portico’s new GO! Challenge to include congregations and organizations

Portico’s first-ever GO! Challenge for congregations and organizations invites leaders to sit down for a small-group conversation about how their organization’s culture is (or isn’t) supporting healthy lifestyles.

The hope is that these small-group conversations will evolve into a deeper commitment to wellness across our church.

These conversations will happen differently in each congregation: some have already worked hard to integrate wellness into their culture; for others, it’s foreign territory. Recognizing this diversity, we’ve developed a conversation guide to help each council president (or other appropriate leader) tailor this conversation for their people. You can check out the conversation guide here.

Please know that our message to congregations is not about assessing their pastor, it’s about helping tend to their pastor’s health and well-being – the same way their pastor helps to tend to their health and well-being.